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The project

The project MILE21 – ‘More Information Less Emissions – Empowering Consumers for a Greener 21st Century’ – will provide consumers with real-world passenger car fuel consumption data, helping them make well-informed purchase decisions for more efficient vehicles. Thanks to the MILE21 platform, consumers will have the opportunity to look up and compare the real-world fuel consumption and emission values for a wide range of car models sold in the EU. The platform will also allow users to keep track of their own fuel use. Because of the direct involvement of consumers, as well as vehicle tests carried out on the road, MILE21 will also contribute to the collection of robust large-scale monitoring data. This data is used to monitor remaining gaps between WLTP type-approved fuel consumption/CO2 emission values, and real-world values experienced by consumers on the road.

MILE21 is a project co-financed by the LIFE+ program of the European Union, agreement number: LIFE17 GIC/GR/000128.

Expected results

MILE21 will:

  • Provide detailed information on cars’ fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions, European emissions standards, and official certification procedures such as the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) and RDE (Real Driving Emissions) tests.
  • Develop a tool to compare real-world fuel consumption values (including consumer-reported data) of new and older car models sold in the EU. This tool will be based on vehicles’ type-approval data, quantitative models, and large-scale fuel consumption data obtained from cars’ on-board measurement devices.
  • Provide drivers with a tool to monitor their cars’ fuel consumption and encourage them to make their real-world figures available to the public. MILE21 will thereby support voluntary contribution to the collection of real-world fuel consumption data.